Project: Gregory Burgess Archive

Gregory Burgess: Seeking Resonance Dulux Gallery MSD, The University of Melbourne, September 15-October 19 2022

Gregory Burgess: From the coalface – Noel Shaw Gallery, Baillieu Library, The University of Melbourne, 31 July-22 January 2023

Exhibitions review

In between COVID lockdowns in 2020-21 Kirsten has been working with the Gregory Burgess Collection. Models, drawings, books and other media were moved from Greg’s York street office.

York Street Office

Part of the collection is being donated to the University of Melbourne as a Cultural Gift. The remainder of the collection and the models are now housed at Avington.

Building an archive

The team included Dillon Webster, Catherine Woo, and Peter Raisbeck, students from the Bachelor of Design (Architecture) and Master of Architecture courses at the University of Melbourne – and where would we be without Midsy! (Andrew Middleton). We had very generous support from Tony Isaacson (Robin Boyd Foundation) and of course Greg Burgess.

The Burgess Collection spans from the early 70s through to today. The range of media includes models (over 400), different methods of drawing from pencil on butter paper through to CAD files; slides, photographs, sketches and complete packages of architectural documentation for key projects including

Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Halls Gap, Victoria

Uluru Kata-Tjuta Cultural Centre, Northern Territory

Sidney Myer Music Bowl Refurbishment, Melbourne

Hackford Residence, Koornalla, Victoria

Catholic Church of St Michael and St John, Horsham, Victoria

World of the Platypus Exhibit, Healesville Sanctuary, Healesville, Victoria

The collection provides detail not only of Greg’s work, but captures the culture of architectural practice in Melbourne from the 1970s onward.

Hackford House Presentation Drawing

Four Melbourne Architects (early 1990s) L-R Peter Corrigan, Norman Day, Peter Crone, Maggie Edmond, Greg Burgess.

Four Melbourne Architects Exhibition, Powell Street Gallery, 1979

Building an archive images 2020-2021