Capstone: Interior Architecture practice 1+2

Highlights from the 2018 GradEx – Interior Architecture

Swinburne Interior Architecture student Chrissa Drosopoulos wins DIA AGOTYA 2018

Chrissa Drosopoulos has won the prestigious Graduate of the Year Award (AGOTYA) for 2018, awarded by the Design Institute of Australia on June 15 2018. Chrissa won the Victoria/Tasmania States award earlier this year. The DIA is the preeminent national Australia professional institute for the design profession and part of a world-wide network. Her Swinburne Interior Architecture capstone thesis investigated retail space and proposed meaningful engagement with the public as a celebration of art, culture, history, and heritage.

This award is a validation at the highest level of engagement between the university and design profession. The Swinburne Interior Architecture Capstone year prepares students for their transition from student to professional practice. As part of their year, students work on a two-semester project and develop a portfolio in addition to professional practice unit.

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